Whether he’s rapping, composing, performing, teaching kids to beatbox or working his former job as a youth counselor, it’s clear the man most commonly known as Carnage The Executioner was born to do two things: instruct and entertain. Musicians, dancers, DJ's, poets and television hosts who have worked with Carnage recognize his dedication to his craft and would confirm that he doesn’t disappoint. Ask emcees about Carnage’s skill level and you’ll find out that the phrase, "he’s your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper," actually fits. Carnage The Executioner has spent over 25 years making music, touring the world and working with both youth and adults from various socio-economic backgrounds. He possesses a knack for producing intense, thought-provoking music, establishing strong, healthy relationships and presenting mind-blowing, one-man-show live performances. A music fan since childhood, Carnage has filled his memory bank with thousands of music references from all genres to draw from. He’s a self-trained song writer who can craft an intricate battle rap as easy as he can craft a story. Carnage’s start as a human beat boxer has taken on a life of its own. He now uses technology like looping and effects pedals commonly used by guitarists. He enhances the experience of a live Hip-Hop show by providing his audiences the opportunity to hear original Carnage material, as well as unique improvisations and spot-on recreations of popular songs. The Minneapolis Star Tribune made the claim that “Carnage's mouth might be the best drummer in town,” referring to his human beat boxing skills. Astute discipline in honing his monstrous craft has helped Carnage build an impressive artist resume. The most noteworthy period of his touring history includes: 15 U.S. tours - 2012-2020, 5 European tours - 2011-2013, 1 Asian tour - 2018.  Carnage plays over 150 shows a year, and seems to be showing no signs of slowing down. Prepare to be thoroughly entertained when The Executioner visits a venue near you!









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